We dare to challenge ourselves, our business, and traditional industry convention in the drive for better training offerings that enhance competence, minimise critical safety risks and promote best practice.


We have forged close relationships with customers, industry regulators and authorities to offer solid professional insights and digital solutions to challenges, always with sights set on a greener world.


We seek differentiated perspectives, methods and knowledge, and test new ideas that can help improve learning and safety whilst at the same time reducing the environmental footprint.

We care about people and environment

By becoming an industry leader in digital training, we help reduce the need for business travel in connection with courses and training. Through our ever-expanding portfolio of leading-edge eLearning courses and webinars, we reduce our own carbon footprint, as well as our customers'. When travel is required, our flights are climate-compensated, so that the imprints we make ourselves contribute to cutting environmental footprints elsewhere.

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A tightly-knit team

Trainor’s people are testament to our success. For decades, we have attracted sharp, innovative minds and creative thinkers who stay with us. Our high staff retention rate reflects strong employee job satisfaction that is underpinned by our inclusive culture and close team-working environment. We believe that when you thrive and have fun at work, you perform better and productivity is enhanced. A good balance between work and leisure ensures people have more stamina, stay healthy and are happier at work. Trainor employees respect each other, care about one another, and treat team members like family.

We get involved socially in the local community

In recent years, we are proud to have supported causes like:

Unicef logo

UNICEF World Gifts
Covid-19 vaccines

Mind logo

Swedish non-profit association working with mental health

The Church City Mission logo

The Church City Mission
Tønsberg, Norway

Team Hasselborg logo

Team Hasselborg
Swedish women's Curling team

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation logo

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation

Revolve NTNU logo

Revolve NTNU
Non-profit student organization designing, building, and competing with an electrified racing car in Formula Student, one of the largest engineering competitions for students in the world

Sykehustrikserne logo

Soccer entertainment event for hospitalized children at the local hospital in Tønsberg, Norway

Shift Hyperloop logo

Shift Hyperloop
Non-profit student organization building and competing with a hyperloop pod in the European Hyperloop Week

Trio dance event
A local dance event for people with disabilities in Tønsberg, Norway

... and many more.

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Committing to sustainability is an exciting challenge. The term ‘sustainability’ encompasses a lot, and continuous focus is needed to achieve our long-term goals. Every day we work to break it down into measurable objectives and identify areas where we can make a difference. You can really feel the company-wide commitment amongst our employees and the willingness from our team to challenge each other every day to deliver upon our ESG targets. I am immensely proud of how far we’ve come and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Eva Nordskog TRA 02489 1080 Foto Kjetil Sommerfeldt Simonsen
Eva Nordskog Head of Communications, HR and ESG

Our ESG goals


  • Minimize greenhouse gas emissions by reducing business travel in connection with training, courses and meetings
  • Significantly reduce the risk of incidents with environmentally hazardous consequences
  • Reduce footprint through energy efficiency, recycling and incentives for greener transport choices


  • Promote healthy balance between work and private life
  • High job satisfaction and strong employee retention rates
  • Support for local businesses, community organisations and charitable initiatives


  • Formally, and through action, embed inclusion and diversity in the workplace
  • Implement and communicate best practice AML, ABC and ethical guidelines
  • Foster policy for gender equality and equal opportunities for employee

UNs sustainability goals

We recognize and commit ourselves to actively working for the UN's sustainability goals. The eight sustainability goals we contribute the most to are:

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