Occupational health

Occupational health

We believe in a healthy balance between work and personal life. Happy, empowered employees is key to high performance and productivity, and therefore we monitor our work environment and staff temperature measurements closely.

Through our extensive health benefit programs, our employees get access to a yearly medical health consultation and a well-established health insurance program.

Group sports and social events throughout the year promote a healthy, fun, social and happy work atmosphere.

Committed to safety

Trainor has high standards for workplace safety, and all Trainor employees are trained regularly in first aid, fire extinguishing and evacuation as a minimum. Well established and communicated HSE routines and crisis management is fundamental to mitigate risks or effectively resolve potentially hazardous situations should they ever occur.

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Protect the environment

Protect the environment

We care about the environment and are proud to deliver products and services that minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Through our ESG initiatives, we take responsibility and do our part in the drive towards the UN’s sustainability goals.

Deliver high quality service

Quality is our top priority. We are certified in ISO 9001:2015 and work closely and continuously with customers to enhance the end-user experience, meet their quality demands and increase our effectiveness. Our quality goals are closely monitored, and any discrepancies or necessary improvements are addressed systematically and timeously.



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Quality is our core guiding principle and our pride. Everything we do must be done well, efficiently and not least safely!

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Ingunn Stensgård HSEQ Coordinator

Key HSEQ objectives

High standard

Pursue the highest possible standards of health, safety, quality and environmental management performance.

Increase efficiency

Following HSEQ framework will improve overall operational efficiency, lower costs, and increase revenue.

Reduce risk

Increased awareness of, and compliance with, standards, legal obligations, and legislations surrounding health, safety, environment, and quality will minimize the risk of legal action.

Employee morale

Implementing policies and protocols that ensure a safe and healthy work environment means employees will feel more secure and motivated about their work.

Customer satisfaction

Errors will be reduced which will increase customer confidence in your ability to consistently deliver high-quality products and services.

Environmental impact

Seek to minimise the environmental impact of our operations by preventing pollution, reducing energy consumption and implementing initiatives to reduce waste and energy use.