Our people

Trainor has over 100 employees across locations in Norway and Sweden, who support the provision of safety-related training and compliance services to an international customer base.

Our employees are critical to Trainor’s success, with unrivalled sector knowledge, technical competence and industry experience across disciplines including electro-engineering, automation, gaming technology, education, offshore, system development, battery technology, film making, script writing, rules and regulations, VR technology, 3D design, user experience, sales, corporate development, project management. Together we make a unique learning experience!

Our philosophy


We are committed to safety. Safety at work, safety for the people and safety for the planet.


Combining subject matter expertise with modern gaming technology and digital learning solutions to enhance the end user learning experience.


To improve workplace safety and raise competence and awareness of electrical safety by setting the new standard for safety training.

Customer Centricity

Our customers are the focal point of all decisions related to delivering experiences to the end user that create satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

T cut 3

Electrification and eLearning are two megatrends that will be key to a greener and safer society. Trainor is driven by its commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, and digital training is an important part of reducing the environmental footprint of the training industry.

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Peter Berendsen Svarrer Chairman of the Board

Board of Directors

Executive Team