Digital Solutions


The best learning requires elite systems

Trainor’s highly skilled and experienced in-house digital team combines high quality, secure back-end systems with elegant and intuitive front-end platforms to support the fast, reliable delivery of our market-leading courses to over 100,000 users annually across international markets. Staying at the cutting edge of IT is not easy, but using established DevOps practices and focusing on clear goals helps keep our systems to the same best-in-class standard as the learning.

Solutions to real problems

For more than 20 years Trainor has been developing and maintaining an its proprietary LMS specifically crafted for the challenge of creating and delivering high-end courses. The whole process from developing, selling, running and managing of courses is taken care of inside custom-built systems made with knowledge of how the industry works and what the customer desires.

Developing our own LMS and framework lets us always be up to date with current market demand, never be dependent on other priorities or vendors, and perhaps most importantly never compromise on security. By having full control over all code that touches our products we can hold ourselves to the highest standards and comfortably meet all privacy and security requirements demanded by our customers.

Digital solutions
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Connected to customers

Our solutions can connect directly to most popular HR systems, in addition to being available via general API connections. Delivering courses on Remote SCORM ensures our eLearning courses can be taken from any LMS and still be up to date without requiring manual handling by either company.

Being “connected” isn’t just about being online. It’s about being where the customer is and taking them where they want to be.

Retaining customers with solutions for every need

Trainor doesn’t just have software directly related to courses. By developing additional solutions for problems our customers face we can increase brand loyalty by making life easier for them.

Retaining customers

Some of our additional solutions and services

Delivering what customers need

Company specific regulations and standards can be critical and there is no better way to deliver that information to personnel than through the courses they area already assigned. By merging Trainors eLearning with company instructions we can reduce the amount of courses that have to be taken and tracked, the number of logins to remember and the time it takes to organize all of this. All regulations and instructions covered with a single course tailored for the client. Simple and safe.

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Some of our customers

... and 22,000+ more.

Other solutions


Combining our el-safety expertise with top modern gaming technology, we make next generation eLearning that engages, educates, entertain, and enhance the learning experience.

Instructor-led training

Our subject matter experts are all skilled educators with extended field experience. Training and individual guidance in classroom lectures, practical lab training or as webinar – all tailored to your need.