Game-changing eLearning

Combining remarkable 3D visuals powered by gaming technology and engaging script-writing with the technical experience and pedagogy of established industry professionals, Trainor delivers extraordinary eLearning like you’ve never seen before.

The pandemic and ever-increasing focus on environmental and sustainability initiatives have served to highlight the importance of, and demand for, high quality digital training – Trainor’s unique value proposition ensures we are best positioned to capitalize on these supportive market drivers.

Immersive, insightful learning is fundamental to the end user experience

Studies show that engaged learners are far more likely to absorb the information they receive. By making eLearning courses that participants value and enjoy instead of endure, we make sure that important, safety-critical information is remembered long after the learner has finished the course.

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Based on real world environments

By being closely connected to the industry we can leverage our knowledge and experience of day-to-day issues our customers face and create courses and situations that are relevant and relatable to their operating personnel.

Trainor’s proprietary 3D learning world, ElectriCityTM, has been built for a wide range of industries. Power plants, factories, supermarkets, petrol stations, city centres, construction sites, offshore structures and vessels, transformers, fuse boxes, and natural landscapes are all created in extensive detail. All this, combined with realistic lighting and weather effects, enable us to create the most captivating, true-to-life eLearning training.

eLearning that is appreciated

Our production team consists of people with a background in TV, film, animation, advertising, 3D and game design, who all work towards the common goal: to create the best eLearning experience. With an average score from our users of 4.4 out of 5 possible points, we are well on our way but we continuously strive to get even better.

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Delivering exactly what customers need

Company specific regulations and standards can be critical and there is no better way to deliver this information to personnel than via incorporation within courses they are already assigned. By customizing Trainor’s eLearning with our corporate customers’ internal instructions and policies, we can reduce the number of courses that have to be taken and tracked, the number of logins to remember and the related administrative burden. All regulations and instructions covered within a single course tailored for the client. Simple and safe.

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Some of our customers

... and 22,000+ more.


DNV has long recognized Trainor’s high-quality, professional, and extensive knowledge transfer services for many years with Trainor’s Hazardous Area Fundamentals classroom course being a core component of our internal training program for colleagues. Minimizing our environmental impact from travel and maximizing efficiency of team deployment is an active challenge for DNV and the industry – balancing the need for high quality knowledge transfer in safety critical topics with the economic and environmental impact of classroom learning. Trainor’s new eLearning courses provide a unique accessibility and competitiveness that was previously unavailable in the market. We were especially impressed with the completeness of the training content, modular approach, and production quality. DNV endorses the Trainor Hazardous Area courses and standardized Trainor eLearning content for the internal training of its employees, as well as the primary commercial training offered to customers and the wider industry.

Bjørn Richard Spongsveen Global Technical Manager, PA Industrial

What customers say about our eLearning products

Very good course with descriptive graphics, which gave a better understanding of the course content and made the course much more interesting!

Fantastic! It is beyond important to stay up to date with all the new requirements regarding safety procedures at work - and Trainor does it best!

It is great to have taken this course - it was very interesting and reminded me of how to perform my job in the safest possible manner.

A brilliant and useful course with amazing high-quality illustrations! Easy to follow, with each topic clearly explained.

Very informative, cutting-edge eLearning courses. The future of online safety training looks bright!

Impressively well explained with great graphics and a good sense of humor!

Other solutions

Instructor-led training

Our subject matter experts are all skilled educators with extended field experience. Training and individual guidance in classroom lectures, practical lab training or as webinar – all tailored to your need.

Digital solutions

Trainor’s highly skilled and experienced in-house digital team combines high quality, secure back-end systems with elegant and intuitive front-end platforms.