Instructor-led training

For more than 30 years, Trainor's instructors have trained professionals both in and outside Scandinavia. With high professional, technical and regulatory expertise and pedagogical flair, our instructors offer traditional classroom-based training, practical exercises, and close individual tutorial follow-up services. Many of our courses are also held as online webinars.

Traditional classroom training

There is something about knowing that the instructor in front of you has operated “in the field”, performed similar work scopes and fully understands the risks of the workplace. In a Trainor classroom you’ll get the benefit of discussing issues with your peers under guidance of an experienced instructor. Highly skilled professionals have been the key pillars of Trainor ever since our formation in the early 90’s, and they are deeply committed to sharing their expertise and attitudes towards safe working practices.

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Professional training laboratories

Theoretical knowledge is fundamental, but within Trainor’s course disciplines practical exercises are often just as important. Trainor's on-site facilities, offer fully-equipped laboratories in which participants can undertake high voltage, battery, electrical or Ex-equipment practical training.


Join a Trainor classroom from your own desk! You’ll save the time, money and the planet as our offering negates the need to travel, whilst importantly keeping the benefits of interacting with the skilled instructor and your peers. Trainor webinars are conducted on a Microsoft Teams platform, are easily accessible and have limitations on the number of participants to facilitate interaction and Q&A with the instructor and amongst the course participants.

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Tailored to each customer

Trainor has a vast course portfolio, but we also tailor courses specifically for customers’ needs. A wide range of large companies use Trainor as their main course provider and conduct their training both in Trainor’s facilities and at their own sites. We even train your personnel within your company’s own instructions. Tailored courses can be conducted as traditional classroom training, webinars, blended learning or eLearning.

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Free, easily accessible online forum in which Trainor’s technical experts answer your questions about electrical, Ex, regulations, HSE or automation.

What customers say about our instructor-led courses

Other solutions


Combining our el-safety expertise with top modern gaming technology, we make next generation eLearning that engages, educates, entertain, and enhance the learning experience.

Digital solutions

Trainor’s highly skilled and experienced in-house digital team combines high quality, secure back-end systems with elegant and intuitive front-end platforms.